Mobile Dog Grooming – Houston Texas

Choosing the Perfect Mobile Dog Grooming Company in Houston

Mobile Dog Grooming - Houston TexasIt seems like you are always taking your dog to the groomer to get their coat fixed up, but did you know that there is a different option now? There are dog groomers that offer mobile dog grooming services in Houston who will travel to your home to give your pampered pooch that perfect look that you’ve been craving. The convenience that it offers you is worth a couple of extra bucks, and you will save Fido all the anxiety of dealing with other dogs at the groomers. Mobile dog grooming vans and trailers offer a beautiful space that is set up just for your pup!

The real question isn’t how much you are going to love this service, but how you should go about picking the best groomer for your little family. Many of the criteria is similar to what you would look for in a stationary dog groomer, but that does not mean we shouldn’t run through the list again to make sure that you are in the right hands.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you are shopping around for the perfect Houston mobile Dog Groomer.

1. Van or trailer Cleanliness – Just like you would never take your dog to be groomed at a business that was filthy, you should never take your dog to a mobile dog groomer if their van / trailer is disgusting. While you can give a little leeway on the outside of the vehicle, you shouldn’t have to give much. A grooming trailer / van should be relatively clean from the inside out because the vehicle is their storefront. If they are not maintaining the entire thing, then you may need to move on.
Take a second look inside the vehicle and make sure that everything looks sterile with no full of clippings everywhere. It is crucial to your dog’s health that the tubs have been sanitized after every dog that has come through the grooming van. If there are any clumps around, or the tub is ringed with shampoo, keep shopping. If the space has any dog urine or feces, run in the other direction and make a review on Yelp.

2. Vaccination Records and Policy – It is the responsibility of the pet groomer to make sure that general sicknesses are not passed from each dog as well. They can make sure that this does not occur by checking the vaccinations of every animal they groom and refusing the ones who do not have up to date vaccinations. If you are not told to bring your vaccination records to the first appointment, then they may not care as much about your dog’s health as they should.

They should also have a firm policy about the length of time there needs to be between a vaccination and a grooming appointment. If it is just a booster, then everything is fine; however, if an animal is receiving a necessary vaccine there should be three weeks between their shots and a grooming appointment to give the vaccine time to take effect.

3. Experience and Attitude- You should choose a dog groomer that has at least one year of experience to make sure that they know how to hand animals. Those who have experience are more able to quickly bond with your animal as well, which makes the entire process go quicker. Choose a business that has online reviews that reflect positively on their work and showcase their skills and attitude.

Having experience and a good attitude is crucial for your dog’s health as well. Not only does having a good connection with the pet groomer reduce anxiety, it will also give you a second pair of eyes. A groomer that knows your dog will be able to see any health issues that are popping up that may have missed, such as lumps or small sores. They can also find symptoms of ear infections or bladder infections before they become painful problems for your dog.

4. Organization Memberships — There are a few different dog grooming organizations (that provide information to practitioners. While it is not a must for your groomer to have a membership, you will likely find that most of the good mobile dog groomers in Houston will be subscribed to at least one. This allows them to easily keep up with different trends in safety, styling, health, and other issues. This interest shows a deep level of commitment to animals, which bodes well for your family.

Memberships are also a benefit! If the pet groomer has a membership to a trade group that is well known, like the Dog Groomers Association of America, this is a good sign. This particular trade group provides classes for trainees and requires extensive testing before it certifies its members.

5. The Groomer Asks Questions — Any groomer that you are interviewing should be interviewing you in return. Not only should they want to know what sort of look you are going for, they should also be interested in a host of different things about your dog to make the grooming session go smoothly.

They should ask questions like:
-Have they been to the groomer before?
-Are there any spots I should avoid, either because they are tender or because it makes them jumpy?
-Are their teeth in good shape?
-How are their hearing and sight?

This list of questions provides any mobile groomer that is worth their salt with all the base information they need to offer your dog the best experience they can. If you find that a mobile dog groomer only asks the bare minimum of questions then there is a strong chance that they do not care as much as they should. This can lead to an uncomfortable situation for your dog and irritation for you.

It is possible to find the perfect mobile dog groomer in Houston if you commit to looking around. Sometimes you may be able to find the perfect option right under your nose! In fact, the best way to find a mobile dog grooming company in Houston is to see what your friend’s dogs look like when they come back from being groomed. If they look great, and your friends are happy, then take the time to go meet that groomer. Both you and your dog will be much happier for it.